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As a professional producer of steel structures, KOBEX specialises in comprehensive construction of steel buildings in all sizes (provided that the building has a cubic capacity of above 300 m2). Our services cover nearly all stages of the construction process – from the construction of foundations to the provision of turnkey steel buildings. Each stage is priced on an individual basis to enable the investor to compare all the costs. Our structures are made with snow and wind conditions characteristic for a given location in mind. Thanks to excellent construction designs and construction with care and diligence the buildings we make rank among the most durable and the safest structures available on the market.


We may also follow outside designs, and if necessary we will come up with a replacement design – e.g. if our solutions prove to be more economical and appealing to the investor.



Our products and services include:


  1. Construction designs of steel buildings
  2. Prefabrication of steel structures
  3. Construction of foundations
  4. Construction of industrial flooring
  5. Sandwich panels
  6. Assembly of enclosures made of sandwich panels or sheet metal
  7. Installation of woodwork - windows, gates etc.
  8. Installation of skylights 



The offer includes three types of basic steel structures. These include:


  1. Steel building structures based on hot-rolled I-beams without tie rods – they allow for high storage of goods.
  2. Steel building structures based on hot-rolled I-beams with tie rods between roof trusses – this is a very economical solution that allows for reduction of the weight of the structure. However, the use of a tie rod limits the storage space beneath the roof.
  3. Steel building structures based on steel truss – applied in particular in larger steel buildings and wherever indoor abutment has to be limited.


Our offer includes attractive and economical screw-fastened trusses based on hot-rolled L-beams, 12 metre-wide.