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Warehouse buildings

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At the stage of design and execution of our structures we may adapt their dimensions to the investor’s requirements. In principle, we do not produce buildings whose surface is smaller than 400 m2, where the minimum building width is 12 m, and the minimum length is 24 m.

The dimensions of the building may be adapted to the type of goods stored inside and may allow, for example, for indoor vehicle use or the installation of high-storage shelving systems. The most popular solution among the customers is a standard steel building based on hot-rolled I-beams, 36 m wide, with no abutments and almost unlimited length. Nonetheless, KOBEX offers many other construction solutions that may be adopted to adjust the dimensions of the building to the individual requirements of the investor.

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Based on the dimensions of the planned structure and its intended use we will select optimum construction solutions.

The most popular and cost-effective structures are those based on hot-rolled I-beam, with or without a tie rod between trusses. They prove successful when the intention is to obtain a simple and durable structure with a gable roof, up to 30 m wide.


Another solution is the application of truss structure that proves more effective in the case of wider buildings. It also allows for construction of flat roofs that can support a considerable load.



Below you will find illustrations of some of the proposed solutions.



                         Truss structure                                             Full frame H-beam                                 Full frame H-beam with a tie rod






Types of enclosure
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Steel buildings, as an alternative to conventional brick buildings, have many advantages. One example is the possibility to use different enclosure types – almost every one of those is cheaper and visually more attractive than conventional brick walls. The most popular enclosures include:


1. Sandwich panels with polyurethane core, and panels with a mineral wool filling. The product has excellent thermal insulation properties and a very nice look. The panels may differ in thickness, and are divided into wall panels and roof panels. They differ in terms of the mode of assembly (vertical or horizontal) and the visibility of connector).The examples are shown below.


A panel with a hidden connector    A panel with displayed connector       A cold store panel                  A roof panel









2. Troughed sheet. A very popular product for enclosure of steel structures, particularly in case of buildings that do not require thermal insulation. The option is the most economical, easy to assemble, and available in a wide range of colours.




3. Retaining walls. Traditional brick walls constructed between steel poles up to a specific height, and then continued with sandwich panels or metal sheets. The option is suitable for stables and farm buildings where the walls need to be more durable due to interference of a larger number of external factors, such as livestock and storage of farm produce.



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Each steel structure should feature anti-corrosion solutions that will maintain the maximum efficiency of steel and its aesthetic appearance. The most commonly used anti-corrosion solutions include:


  1. Painting. In particular with epoxy or polyurethane paints. This is the cheapest option that will protect surfaces against corrosion and ensure an aesthetic look.
  2. Hot-dip galvanisation. By many considered to be the most effective anti-corrosion solution for steel structures. The solution is slightly more expensive, but it looks as good as paint-coated structures and ensures higher resistance to mechanical damage.
  3. Zinc-rich paint. This solution based on the application of a paint rich in solids – mainly zinc, is getting more and more popular. The paint is later covered with a layer of a decorative paint. The method makes surfaces very resistant to rust. If necessary, you can easily introduce changes and corrections.
  4. Fire retardant paint. It is a special paint used if the structure needs to be protected against fire. In the event of a fire the paint will protect the structure and prolong the time of resistance to high temperatures.


All the above-mentioned protective solutions are available at KOBEX.

Skylights and windows
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Depending on its intended use, every steel building needs a certain amount of light inside. To this end KOBEX offers installation of conventional wall and skylight windows. We offer products of many producers, including installation of custom-made windows.


We offer skylight windows in many attractive arrangements, and in particular, continuous vaulted skylights placed in the roof ridge that will provide a maximum amount of light inside the building. We may also install continuous vaulted skylights transversely on the roof. Another type of available skylight windows are flat skylights placed transversely – i.e. along the roof pitch


Below there are pictures of sample products.


Continuous vaulted skylight:













Examples of windows:                                                   


























Gates and doors
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KOBEX offers gates and doors of renowned Polish producers. We can install gates and doors of any size – the only limitation are the dimensions of the space between particular poles. The space between the poles may be increased to enable the installation of larger doors, up to 12 m wide.


We offer sliding, roller and high-speed doors.



                         Doors                                                                             Sliding doors                                                              Roller doors