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Design studio

Design studio


Our design studio employs several engineers and construction technicians who make sure that the planned structures are of the highest quality. The close cooperation between design and production teams makes our structures well-planned, durable and economical at the same time.


Sealed plans signed by the designer and controller are sent by post within 2-3 weeks from the placement of order. The deadline is set on an individual basis depending on the features of ordered structure.


The design work is based on Eurocodes. The structures comply with strict durability requirements imposed by Polish norms. Each and every design is adjusted for the needs of the intended location of the building thus eliminating the need to additionally adapt it to the local weather conditions.

We use high-class software by Construsoft, Dlubal and Cadsis for the design work.


Every building we erect is consistent with the individual vision of the investor. We seek to adapt our structures to the needs and requirements of the investor to the maximum. This is why appropriate concepts and solutions have to be adopted as early as at the design stage. In an attempt to define the above-mentioned needs our sales department has regular contact and cooperates with the design studio. Every customer is given the opportunity of direct contact with the engineer responsible for their respective construction design.


Our designers cooperate with architects from all over the country. We are happy to share design documentation to facilitate the execution of the investment following the architectural vision of each building.